Tyler Technologies

Description of Partnership

Post jobs, quickly fill openings with qualified substitutes, and intuitively track employee absences with Absence & Substitute, part of a total suite of Tyler Technologies K-12 solutions.

  • Absence & Substitute is a powerful, flexible, and intuitive solution for scheduling and absence management, built for the K-12 environment.
  • With real-time information at your fingertips, both administrators and employees can easily see and use leave. Our workflow approval process makes it easy, informing the administrator when an absence needs approval, letting the employee know when it is approved, and scheduling a substitute to fill the position. Administrators can track employee absences within a single dashboard and gain insight into your workforce.
  • Absence & Substitute allows for advanced matchmaking for an open role, helping you find the best substitute for the job. We offer more notification options than any other platform on the market: emails, texts, phone calls, and even a free mobile app. Absence & Substitute makes sure every step of filling an opening happens fast and accurately.
  • We believe that a system is only as good as your experience with it, and so we work to provide you with the best implementation and support. Training for your staff can be completed in just a few weeks, with our intuitive interface making it easy for all users to use the software well. Then, receive all the support you need via live chat, phone, or email — including support for substitutes looking for open positions.
  • Tyler Technologies empowers schools with a complete K-12 suite of financial, HR, student information, and transportation solutions. One in four school districts in the U.S. use a Tyler software solution, helping them reduce time spent on daily tasks and keep their focus where it matters most: the student.

Special Member Pricing

We love to simplify your needs and to that end we simplify your pricing. All school districts through the ESC of Indiana receive an automatic 10% discount off the regular price — not just for the first year, but for life.

Our pricing allows for unlimited users in your schools, and Absence & Substitute can accommodate all employees across all departments, whether their absence requires a substitute or not.

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