Our Focus is Simple

Assist Indiana member school districts in the procurement and purchasing process of goods and services they need from top vendors at the best price.  We are able to accomplish this by securing new partnerships and contracts based on industry trends and school districts’ needs while maintaining compliance with State and Federal procurement regulations.

Cooperative Contracts

CIESC Cooperative Contracts are a product and service procurement service that saves member districts time and money. We offer a competitive bidding / RFP process that ensures best pricing with top vendors.

School Bus Purchasing

Take the work out of bus buying

CIESC’s online bus purchasing program is available at no additional cost to any school district in Indiana. Our efficient process utilizes a unique purchasing software that saves districts money and time and ensures your district gets the bus that meets its needs and meets all of Indiana’s requirements. CIESC’s software makes it easy to share bid specifications and see side by side comparisons across school bus manufacturers in real time.

Vendor Partnerships

CIESC Vendor Partnerships are agreements with vendors that do not require formal procurement. Vendors are vetted by our partnerships team for quality, service, and ROI with a focus on software, curriculum, and service solutions. All districts that are a member of one of the 9 educational service centers in Indiana receive special discount pricing that can be up to 50% off the regular price.

Child Nutrition Cooperative

CIESC member school districts can participate in the Region 9 Child Nutrition Cooperative at no additional cost. We  are approved by the Indiana Department of Education as a School Food Authority Cooperative and audited by the State Board of Accounts to make district audits more efficient. Our main goal is to save participating districts time and money by lessening the burden of the procurement process and allow districts to utilize best price contracts with top vendors.