Modified Logic

Description of Partnership

Modified Logic provides Laserfiche electronic forms, process automation, and records management solutions to K12 school districts to increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

By automating business processes, we create alignment and transparency between departments district-wide, increase accuracy across systems, prevent delays, eliminate data silos; all departments can be more productive and put an end to manual processes!

Laserfiche’s flexible electronic records management empowers users to operate with greater freedom without sacrificing the control needed to keep student, employee, and administrative information secure and compliant.  Laserfiche records management can help your district reduce cost and labor associated with maintaining documents, and enable improved organization of information to make faster, better decisions accelerating district services.

District-Wide Digital Transformation

One central digital repository and business process automation system for every department

Student Records

Easily manage electronic student cumulative folders in one central repository – providing easy retrieval and streamlined retention

Student Services

Modernize student registration, bullying allegation and incident reports, student transfers, transcript requests, and more

Human Resources

Utilize Laserfiche forms and workflow to simplify employee onboarding, teacher contracts, and any other form-based process

Accounts Payable

Digitize accounts payable with automated invoice processing, purchase order approvals, and more


Automate vendor registration, simplify contract management, expedite contract approvals, and more

Special Education

Simplify processing and management of 504 plans, ARD meetings, evaluations, IEP’s and other SpED records that need to be kept secure

With over 20 years of experience working with school districts, we look forward to seeing your district truly reap the benefits of increased efficiencies and long-term cost savings that Laserfiche will provide.  We believe in doing right by our clients – and our primary goal is to build a long-term relationship serving the needs of your district. We take an individualized approach with every client to ensure they experience a seamless transition to Laserfiche, deliver top-notch technical support, and are your trusted partner through each step of your digital transformation journey.

K12 Education – Modified Logic

Special Member Pricing

Modified Logic will provide a 3% discount off Laserfiche software and implementation services for ESC of I members.

Upcoming Webinars:

  • November 3rd 10AM-10:30AM CST “Modernize Key Operations with Laserfiche Solutions” – Join Modified Logic as we demonstrate how Laserfiche Solutions can help your district reduce cost and labor associated with maintaining documents and enable improved organization of information to make faster, better decisions, accelerating district services.
  • November 10th 10AM-10:30AM CST “An Introduction to Laserfiche Solutions” – Join Modified Logic for a live and educational demonstration to learn how Laserfiche solutions can help your district automate business processes and modernize key operations.

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