BullWall – Ricoh USA, INC

Description of Partnership

With 51% of modern-day malware out-smarting existing endpoint protection sensor, traditional prevention-based security solutions are no longer enough. In addition, to over 1,000 US schools impacted by ransomware last year, it is clear why Bullwall partnered with the Educational Service Center of Indiana (ESC of I) to offer its automated containment solution to educators. RansomCare (RC) is an automated containment solution, laser-focused on stopping malicious encryptions and file corruption on monitored file shares, securing critical data. RC does not depend on outdated detection methods such as ransomware signatures, strains, patterns, or behavior analysis. Instead, RC rapidly detects the purpose of the ransomware – the actual encryption. It does so without any network overhead or performance degradation. RansomCare is a proactive tool that provides educators the ability to stop the ongoing cyber security threat, when all other security tools have failed to detect ransomware (no prevention-based technology is perfect). At the time of an event, RC also provides educators with automated alerting methods and an event-based report with a list of impacted to files to expedite recovery time and automated centralization to stop the payload of Ransomware. RansomCare is trusted by organizations, globally, as a crucial last line of defense in protecting their company data and to minimize the time to recovery from serious incidents of mass encryption of data.

Special Member Pricing

Bullwall will provide free of charge licenses to all Students. Additionally a 15% discount for all staff licenses will be given to all ESC of I member school districts through this partnership!

Minimum 100 licenses per purchase apply. Attractive financing for multi-year deals is available via Ricoh USA. Multi-year deals provide additional discounts, as shown in this example here. Excluding installation. (Each school will need to pay 2 days of professional services at $1,500 per day).

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