Argument Driven Inquiry

Description of Partnership

Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI) is a teaching approach where students investigate scientific phenomena, construct arguments based on evidence, and engage in scientific discourse. It emphasizes critical thinking, evidence-based reasoning, and collaboration, fostering a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

We provide comprehensive programs comprising books, classroom resources, and professional learning opportunities for teachers. Our materials cater to grades K-12, empowering students to explore core scientific, mathematical, or engineering concepts. Through inquiry-based learning, students develop problem-solving skills to understand phenomena and devise solutions for real-world challenges.

Special Member Pricing

Item Category Description Discount off Catalog/Pricelist Shipping Items that do not qualify for Discounts
Classroom Instructional Materials (i.e. kits, books, and whiteboards) found in the ADI Store Science, math and engineering supplies for teachers and hands-on materials for students
  • 15% off all items
  • Price list
Free Shipping on orders over $500 N/A
ADI Learning Hub Annual Subscription A browser-based application so teachers can use ADI to teach in-person, remote, or hybrid. Instructional materials that can be used for science, math, and engineering in grades K-12
  • 10% discount for 1-40 teacher subscriptions
  • 15% discount for 41+ teacher subscriptions
Professional Learning Workshops Professional Learning experiences (including Facilitator Institutes) for teachers and administrators about the ADI way of teaching
  • 10% Discount on all professional learning (both online and in-person)


When requesting a quote, please add: CIESC Co-Op to ensure the discounts are applied.

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